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7 Steps to Build an Outstanding Social Media Marketing Strategy (DIY style!)

If you’re a savvy entrepreneur and you’re ready to grow your business, then marketing and social media are your mighty allies. 

And yet most business owners ask the same questions as they prepare their companies for the next stage of growth:

“How do I build a social media marketing strategy?” 

“Which platforms should I use?”

“How often should I post? And what about?”

“How do I know if it works?”

If this sounds anything like the voices in your head, you’re not alone. Marketing can feel like an overwhelming challenge when you’re going at it alone or for the first time. But I assure you, it becomes much easier once you put your strategy hat on.

If you plan your efforts in alignment with your end goals, there’s a lot you can do on your own to leverage social media for your business. 

Here are some basic steps for building an outstanding social media marketing strategy:

1. Define your goals

What do you want to achieve with your social media marketing efforts? You can use the SMART acronym to guide you: Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate leads, or boost sales, your main expectation must be clear.

2. Identify your target audience 

Create a detailed buyer persona by creating a profile of your ideal customer. This includes demographics, psychographics, interests, behaviors, and pain points.

3. Choose the right social media platforms 

Where is your target audience most active? That’s where you want to be! This will help you build a content strategy leveraging the right platforms that will generate the greatest impact on your business.

4. Develop a content strategy

What type of content will resonate the most with your target audience? Think of engaging, informative, and shareable content that aligns with both your business goals and the needs of your target audience, but also brings them VALUE. Deliver that content using videos, short- or long-form posts, newsletters, marketing emails… get creative! 

5. Create a content calendar

Put together a schedule for when you’ll post content on each platform. This will help you to stay organized and ensure that you are posting consistently, and on schedule.

6. Follow up and follow through 

Be consistent in implementing your strategy and seeing each step through, every time. And don’t forget to monitor the results! Use analytics tools to track your progress and adjust your strategy as needed.

7. Engage with your audience

There is no point in attracting and reaching out to your audience if you don’t keep the conversation going. Respond to comments and messages to build authentic relationships that foster brand loyalty.

By following these steps, you can develop a powerful social media strategy that helps you connect with your target audience and achieve your business goals.

But don’t forget – Social media marketing is an ongoing process that requires dedication and consistency. So KEEP IT UP for optimal results.

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