Blog 2 - Find - and keep! - Your Best Audience with Meaningful Content

Craft Meaningful LinkedIn Posts for Your Targeted Audience

LinkedIn has become a vital hub for professional growth.

If you want to build rapport with your LinkedIn targeted audience, you need to implement a unique approach to crafting posts and articles that will be appealing and valuable to your audience. 

LinkedIn is different from any other social network. It is first and foremost about business but it is also so much more than that.

Social and business networking on LinkedIn is not just about advertising, as some might think. Online content for this platform requires a strong sense of brand storytelling. It doesn’t matter if you run a big company or if you are your own brand, the logic remains attached to an ancient and simple human truth: stories trigger emotions and emotions trigger connection. That connection is the basis for trust and trust is always essential in the professional business world.

It’s not enough to have a great LinkedIn profile; you need to demonstrate your expertise and provide value through your LinkedIn posts.

The best way to do that is by writing in your authentic voice. A successful content strategy on LinkedIn involves more than the number of followers your reach. On the LinkedIn network, great engagement (number of views, sharing, and comments) is associated with influence and authority.

Write for your targeted audience but don’t forget the rest of your LinkedIn network.

Your LinkedIn network probably includes mentors, apprentices, friends, and other influential professionals. You respect them and you value their time. If you deliver intelligent, insightful content, your influence will grow and you will begin to be perceived as a thought leader or influencer in your space. Do keep in mind that if push came to shove, quality would trump quantity when it comes to LinkedIn posts. Be very deliberate about what you post.

Take your rants elsewhere.

It might be tempting to share political opinions or simply vent on some occasions. Resist that. Investing in real connections with real people is important and one reckless rant can push people away. Your content should be focused on your targeted audience’s challenges and questions. If you need help getting started, you can provide your own commentary on industry-related news and updates

Points to remember when writing LinkedIn posts:

  • Share often: When high-quality content is combined with your personal truth, it inspires and captures your audience’s attention. You can keep their attention by posting a minimum of once a week while building up to a regular cadence of three times a week. 
  • Educate: Informative and useful posts are a great way to gain the trust of your followers. Educational blog posts may include a how-to guide, data-driven research on the latest trends in your niche, a case study, or your own company’s news.
  • Show and tell: Good stories are not just about the written word. Finding the right image to illustrate your post is just as important. Human faces always make your content more attractive and prone to engagement.
  • Use hashtags: This is very important so that your content can be found by others outside your LinkedIn circle. Think about the particular subject you’re writing about but also about your broader themes. The current recommendation is to use between three and five hashtags on each post. 
  • Take the time to find the right title: The perfect headline for your post should be crafted according to its context. Well-performing headlines usually range from 40 to 49 characters. Expressions such as “how-to”, “best”, “habits”, “mistakes” are always well received. Make sure to hook your readers with relevant words that entice them to want to read more. 
  • Ask for the interaction you need: After reading your content, what would you like your audience to do? Create an effective call-to-action that invites conversation with your reader. 
  • Proofread: Have a trusted colleague, friend, or client review your draft and provide feedback. Be open to their critique. Ensure that what you’re posting has been thoroughly reviewed and is grammatically correct.

Keep in mind that networking is the key aspect of the LinkedIn platform.

Your authentic voice is what leads you to professional growth. That way, you help your followers grow with you.

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