Digital Marketing Products and Services for Small Business Owners

Once we’ve established an online marketing strategy that is tailor-fit to your vision, we support you in that quest through our custom solutions.

SEO-Optimized Website

If you want to be found online, you need an SEO optimized website. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, refers to web pages that are optimized with keywords so they can be easily found by people using search engines, like Google and Yahoo. It increases the quality and quantity of your incoming website traffic. We design and develop your SEO optimized website so that you not only stand out from the crowd, but also rank higher on organic search engine results.

Logo Creation & Brand Narrative Brochure

Your brand should not only reflect your business purpose, but also your values, voice, and vision… at every contact point. A strong, consistent brand will lead to increased sales and loyalty. Your logo design should leave a lasting impression. It’s vital to incorporate a story with your selected images and illustrate how they should be used. You should continually redirect your team to your brand story, so they convey it properly and strengthen your online identity.

Website Blogs

Providing helpful information and insights to your audience on a consistent basis by posting blogs with interesting and relevant content will bring you credibility and increased traffic to your website. We organize, plan, and write these articles and commentaries to reach your targeted audience using the most appropriate length and frequency. It’s vital to have the right writing tone to capture the reader’s attention and promote a desire to come back to your page to know more about your company products and/or services.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Having a solid professional presence on LinkedIn is essential. It not only builds trust and credibility, but it also enables you to showcase and continually communicate your unique brand. A well-constructed LinkedIn profile should read like an engaging story of who you are as a professional and not an online resume. We address and improve all sections, from profile picture to publications, so you will attract the right contacts and opportunities.

LinkedIn Company Page Makeover

As important as your company’s website, so is your company’s LinkedIn Page. It contributes to establishing your public image on the professional and well-respected platform of LinkedIn. We create for you a centralized hub where your audience can obtain relevant company and industry information, stay up to date on news, products & services, business and job opportunities. We optimize content to attract your targeted audience and positioned you as a company that people want to do business with.

LinkedIn Post Content

Consistently sharing valued content to your targeted audience is a vital key to increasing your audience and building trust. It is an essential element to cultivating real relationships with your LinkedIn online network. It not only gives you an opportunity to express your unique genius, but more importantly, fosters connection to the people you want to engage with. We strategize and develop content that is meaningful and engaging to your audience.

LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn provides a publishing platform that allows you to dive deeper into your expertise and interests. LinkedIn Articles, which are like website blogs, are shared with your connections and followers in their news feeds. This is a valuable tool to utilize when building your brand and positioning you as an expert in your field. Additionally, search engines pick up on LinkedIn Article keywords; that means your articles can be found by individuals outside of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Connection Requests

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful prospecting tool when used properly and responsibly. We work closely with you to identify your buyer persona and develop a plan to systematically reach out and connect with your targeted audience. We believe in personalizing each connection as that is the foundation of building a trusted relationship that will lead to effective sales conversion.

LinkedIn Connection Engagement

Knowing who to engage with and how to engage can be tricky. Before we provide this service, we spend time with you understanding your connections and followers. Insightful comments and questions on your audience’s posts delivers visibility beyond your own circle. Great business relationships can be birthed from consistent post interaction.

Graphic Social Media Banners

Graphic Social Media Banners should be deliberately aligned with your brand. They need to be visually appealing, as well as informative. When you create a professional and consistent look, it contributes to your trustability which produces higher engagement and, of course, leads to increased sales. Not only do we provide social media banners, but also images for blogs, and various types of graphics according to your needs.

Zoom Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Branded virtual backgrounds enable you to present yourself and your organization neatly and professionally. Because let’s face it, sometimes your home space is not quite virtual meeting ready! Having an attractive, professional virtual background assists to set the mood and provide you that extra professional edge.

PDF Sliders

Using the PDF format, we create visually appealing slides to present information and graphics. These PDF Sliders have become widely used on LinkedIn as these posts are engaging and increase “dwell time”. They are often referred to as Carousel Posts and some of LinkedIn’s top influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk use them to increase brand awareness, drive engagement, and build community.

PowerPoint Templates

A successful sale starts at the presentation. When a prospect or client sees that you have attended to all the details of your own business, they will trust you greater with theirs. We provide you PowerPoint templates that are personalized and branded to enhance your presentation’s information.

Video Editing

Communicating to your targeted audience through video enables you to connect in a way beyond text. Video transmits personality, emotion, and eye-to-eye connection. We work with you to plan the content and brief the script. You shoot the video (or hire local talent) and provide us the raw footage. We transform it into a professional and effective communication tool that can be used on your website, LinkedIn, internal channel, or any online media of your choice.

Marketing Emails

Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers. Regular communication with your audience is crucial if you want to improve loyalty and increase sales at an affordable cost. We work with you to design and write newsletters and special announcements to send to targeted lists on platforms like HubSpot or Constant Contact.