More Than a Social Media Marketing Company.

Too often small and micro-sized businesses are eager to get to the sexy stuff – that is, marketing, and specifically, social media marketing. However, keep in mind that for your social media marketing endeavors to yield success, it’s imperative to establish the fundamental elements essential for effectively operating a thriving business.

Once these foundational elements are in place, you’ll be better prepared to focus on marketing strategies that are effective to drive awareness, engagement, and business growth.

”iSellSocial is not just another social media marketing agency. We’re your dedicated partner on your journey of transformation and growth, working hand in hand to unlock your brand’s full potential and drive meaningful results.”

Ivonne Ribeiro
iSellSocial Founder

iSellSocial founder, Ivonne Ribeiro, brings a wealth of experience that encompasses not only marketing expertise but also an in-depth understanding of operations and client experience. Throughout her journey, she has refined her skills and proficiencies across these interconnected domains, enabling her to provide a comprehensive perspective that extends beyond traditional marketing approaches.

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While still in high school, Ivonne asked her principal what she thought she would be good at and Sister Andrea quickly responded, “Advertising.” It was apparent from an early age that Ivonne’s natural abilities were perfectly suited for the world of marketing. Ivonne embodies a dynamic blend of qualities that define her not only as an exceptional marketer but also as a resourceful professional – innovative, analytical, strategic.

iSellSocial is a dynamic, multifaceted service provider dedicated to promoting a holistic approach to marketing and business development.

Unless your business foundation is solid and stable, your marketing efforts will not net you the return you seek. For that reason, iSellSocial approaches every new client with fresh eyes and lots of questions. And if your business possesses a fundamental weakness, we will collaborate with you to address it, so we can ensure that your marketing endeavors will flourish and yield success.

iSellSocial is not just another social media marketing agency. We’re your strategic partner, your problem solver, and your guide to unleashing the full potential of your business within the digital realm. As you embark on this journey with us, rest assured that you’re not just gaining a service; you’re gaining a committed ally invested in your growth and prosperity. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of modern marketing, turning challenges into opportunities and ideas into impactful realities.

Welcome to the iSellSocial family, where your success is our driving force.

iSellSocial is based in Bradenton, Florida with remote team members across the USA and globe.

The iSellSocial Team

We love leveraging global talent! Embracing international expertise extends beyond a mere recruitment strategy; it’s a dynamic force that influences every facet of our business and aligns seamlessly with the principles of a holistic marketing approach.
What’s more, our founder, Ivonne Ribeiro, is fluent in Portuguese due to her Portuguese heritage, which has helped us build a robust presence in Brazil.
Meet the dedicated individuals who form the iSellSocial core team, working tirelessly to elevate our clients’ brands every day!
Poliana Pasa headshot

Poliana Pasa

Brand Manager
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Great branding shines through content. At iSellSocial, Poliana oversees content marketing strategies and writing for various platforms, translating our clients’ voices to different media languages. Her background in Journalism (and an unwavering love for books, music, and international affairs) add to our market and consumer behavior research. As Brand Manager, Poliana helps our clients promote their businesses while remaining true to their core beliefs.

Isabela Gimeno headshot

Isabela Gimeno

Graphics Manager
Piauí, Brazil

Isabela’s role involves crafting graphic designs that elegantly convey our clients’ core concepts in a visually captivating manner. Transitioning from a background in law, her journey into the marketing realm was propelled by her fascination with social media. However, it’s the realm of artwork that truly captivates Isabela. A movie and video game enthusiast, she loves to find the perfect balance between form and function to better convey a strong message.

Photo of Thiago Couto

Thiago Couto

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Broadcast journalism was the starting point of Thiago’s career, which turned to video production over a decade ago. He has leveraged his entrepreneurial mindset to serve relevant organizations with screenwriting and editing skills. Passionate about photography and cinema, Thiago knows how one single image can deeply impact the world around it.

Wendy Gertridge headshot

Wendy Gertridge

Fractional Managing Editor
Massachusetts, USA

With over 20 years of experience as a writer and editor, Wendy helps elevate our clients’ content. Her company, Editorial Strategists, serves B2B companies, small businesses, and individual professionals with writing, copyediting, and AI content analysis skills. In addition to improving content, Wendy is an advocate for improving the lives of senior dogs. She also loves (re)watching Ted Lasso and iSellSocial is totally onboard with that!

Richelle Padilla headshot

Richelle Padilla

Executive Assistant
Calabarzon, Philippines

Add an efficiency-oriented brain to advanced skills in organization and you get Richelle! With extensive experience in virtual assistance, Richelle helps us keep track of implemented projects and streamline our processes. When she’s not working, Richelle is often baking loaves of her award-winning moist banana bread, which is one of the rare reasons we sometimes regret being a fully remote business.

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