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Do Women-Owned Businesses Bring Something Different to the Table?

What’s that radiant spark of diversity and innovation shining brighter and brighter by the day?

Oh, yes! It’s the vibrant power of more women claiming their space in the business world.

Women-owned enterprises represent one of the fastest-growing business segments in the global arena. According to the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), in the United States alone there are over 11.6 million women-owned businesses, which equates to 42% of all businesses.

And if you think that’s just business as usual, let me remind you that there are STILL countries where a woman can’t register a business or sign a contract to the same extent or with the same responsibilities as a man.

Despite mind-boggling legislation or overarching constraints – the toll of domestic labor and restrictions to accessing finance – women entrepreneurs continue their efforts to step up and make their dreams come true.

Why does that matter?

Because women-owned businesses can completely TRANSFORM the business environment!

With diversity at the forefront, women leverage different backgrounds and industries to bring unique perspectives and experiences to the table. The impact of their entrepreneurial efforts encompasses four main streams:

– LEADERSHIP: After overcoming substantial barriers to achieve their goals in the workplace, more women have become resilient leaders. But their strength is also manifested in building a nurturing business culture.

– SOCIAL AWARENESS: Creating positive change in their communities is non-negotiable for most women-owned businesses. In fact, it’s the very reason many women go into business.

– ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY: The focus on creating jobs and generating revenue across the board is one of the most transformative characteristics of women-owned businesses.

– NETWORKING: Building authentic relationships is how most women-owned businesses grow. But they’re also committed to supporting both peers and younger generations. 

Yes, women-owned businesses DO bring something different to the table. And in case you were wondering, that inspiration is exactly what brought iSellSocial to life!

Women’s boundless creativity and unwavering determination are at the core of all we do.

If you’re a dynamic woman at the helm of a growing business, we’d love to hear your story!

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